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About Pinecone Academy

Welcome to Pinecone Academy!
We offer an affordable and comprehensive system for you to learn, practice, and master Fractions (Books 1-15) and Pre-Algebra (Books 1-20) in a step-by-step process at your own pace. Concepts are introduced in separate booklets with complete instruction and thorough examples, and include several pages with dozens of increasingly difficult practice problems (and an answer sheet). The booklets build on each other, so that mastery of one book leads to better understanding of the next book. As an added bonus, each concept introduction is also given on a video clip. These are free and available when you click on each book in the book store. Pinecone Academy is based on pencil and paper practice. Research, combined with our own 30 years of experience, shows that learning and retention are improved greatly with writing steps and answers rather than typing answers, (or worse, selecting multiple choice answers). You should learn these concepts so well, you could teach then to your classmates!

Fraction Books

There are 15 books in the Fractions series starting with “What is a Fraction?” to “Decimal/Fraction Conversion. This is the critical level for students to learn correct steps, like simplifying with greatest common factor (GCF), only borrowing one when subtracting mixed numbers, or using least common multiple (LCM).  This is the first encounter for students to learn most efficient methods for solving problems and will determine their successes in subsequent math levels.

Pre-Algebra Books

There are 20 books in the Pre-Algebra series.  The first books continue from the Fraction series with more work on fractions and decimals.  Books progress through percentages, proportions, metrics, scientific notation, order of operations and finally, probability in Book 20.  Students who complete the Pre-Algebra series are now fully ready for Algebra (coming soon).

About Pinecone Booklets

Work at your own pace, but try to do a couple pages per day.  As you move through the booklets, you will find the progress to be quite rewarding.  Filling those gaps in your understanding will make for smooth and confident progress.  That’s what Pinecone Academy offers to you.

We welcome your feedback.  And, since this our first offering, we also welcome diligent students who may find an error.  We have thoroughly checked and re-checked, but if you do find an error, we will give you a free book!

Thank you for choosing Pinecone Academy.

Please visit www.pineconelearning.com to learn more about our learning center where the books are used in class with our students!

Watch for new videos and books from Pinecone Academy.  Coming soon are Algebra and Geometry.