Our Instructor

Vivian Hobbs is the author of Pinecone Academy books.  She currently owns and operates Pinecone Active Learning (www.pineconelearning.com) in San Jose, CA.

Pinecone Learning provides after-school programs in Math, Reading, and Writing for students from three years old through high school. Ms. Hobbs created Pinecone Learning in 2007, based on her 15 years’ experience as a previous learning franchise owner.   The combined decades of experience led her to know very well where students of math generally have difficulties, do improper steps, or miss steps altogether because they do not understand the concepts well enough.

Ms. Hobbs also experienced the pressure students have to keep up, and that they often are moved ahead before they are ready.  A gap in knowledge at one level of math will compound itself until it creates bigger difficulties down the road.  Ms. Hobbs targeted the biggest problem areas first – Fractions!  How many students have struggled with forgetting to simplify BEFORE multiplying, forgetting to reduce, not using greatest common factor, and not carrying negative signs through each element in the parentheses?  These are just some of the ways students get off track, ultimately leading to difficulties or even failure in Algebra and higher math levels.

Ms. Hobbs has created Pinecone Academy books to present the correct ways to do these problems based on a thorough understanding by the student of the concepts.  Students who have these books can now read, watch, try a few problems and go back as many times as needed to really get it.  For most of the books, students simply won’t be able to do the last problems unless they have really learned the concept.

These books are used by students in Pinecone Learning, and you can be sure Ms. Hobbs enforces proper steps, homework completion, and evidence (through errors, corrections and timings) that mastery is achieved!